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Transport Portugal

Transport Portugal

The transport of dangerous substances and/or goods (ADR goods) requires specialism. ADR transport is bound by strict regulations and conditions. Laws and regulations prescribe safety, care and sustainability. This applies to both raw materials and chemicals as well as end products which (in case of possible ignition) can be dangerous for people and the environment. 

Qualified ADR drivers 
All drivers of Portex Logistics are qualified to handle ADR-classified goods at transport. Moreover, all our trucks are fully equipped for the transport of chemical substances. Would you also like to make use of this expertise? Then ask for a suitable quotation to or contact me with one of our specialised employees. Partly thanks to our professional multifaceted international network of logistics partners, Portex Logistics is Always available in your immediate vicinity. Many national and international shippers. 

Fixed contact point for your transport of dangerous goods 
Committed service goes beyond Portex LogisticsPortex Logistics has a Chemical Desk. Customers who regularly use our services have a regular contact person at our Chemical Desk. Do you want to report a shipment? Do you have a particular transport question or problem, or do you need additional required documents? Your fixed contact at Portex Logistics will do everything possible to answer your questions in detail and to plan your shipment according to optimal routing. 

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Do you have questions about one of our services?

We are ready to answer all your questions, feel free to contact our specialists. They will be happy to answer all your questions and help you. 

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